Early lockdown was a stressful time for Shore Thang. We lost all our talented Canadians and we forced to sign all new talent to keep the business running.

Fortunately, we were able to connect w/ some amazing people, from around the world.

Here’s a brief rundown of all our new friends…

Bree Cheyenne, Audrie Powell, Emma McCue, Ellie The Empress, Karma Lee, and Hannah Pruitt — Shore Thang’s new class

Niki Peacock

Niki Peacock on YouTube

After beginning 2020 with my standard absurd optimism, the world seemed to have another path for me to walk. As anyone can see, it’s been a rather odd few months since that pesky coronavirus swept our planet.

I discovered Kendra Rowe on YouTube in October 2018, when her first YouTube channel experienced a short but noticeable break-out moment.

At the time, she had 6k Instagram followers and had lost her first YouTube channel to her first Calgary YouTube producers — UNLYSHD. I’d been professionally photographing models for about 5 years prior. Building digital communities has been my thing since 2005…

In a recent Facebook status update, my longtime friend Michael Clive asked: “Can someone help me understand Tik Tok?”

My response:

“TikTok has a nice vertical UI, interesting content, unique, quick-to-respond-to-user-feedback discovery of new accounts. It’s also very visual, so think Instagram girl culture, but waaay cracked out and MUCH younger. After effing w/ TikTok for an entire day, YouTube and Instagram seem like rotary telephone calls. Facebook comes in somewhere between a fire-tool of early neanderthals and a Wright bros plane ride.”

Although my snarky reply seemed sufficient to earn a few comment likes on FB, I wanted to…

Neither Kendra or I could remember who spotted which of the Burch twins first. Social media allows ideas to spread easily, but it’s sometimes tough to pin down where they start.

Julia and Lauren Burch, two 18-year old Canadian models, are as stunning as they are popular.

Although I know from personal experience that not all Canadians are stereotypically friendly, I had a hunch that the Burch twins would fall into the sweetheart category.

Julia Burch and Lauren Burch
Julia Burch and Lauren Burch
Julia and Lauren Burch, Canadian beauties

Julia Burch on Instagram // Lauren Burch on Instagram

Kendra first reached out via Instagram DM and got a little chatter going. Eventually, someone needed a favor, which is always helpful when making new friends.

In March 2019, I flew down to Texas to meet and photograph Mati, a well-followed Instagram personality who used to run the IG profile @ mat.i

At the peak of her mobile publishing glory, Mati boasted 600k+ followers.

Mati photographed by Zachary Elliot in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston (March 2019)

From her impression on Twitter and Instagram, Mati seems like trouble.

So, knowing full well that I have a penchant for troublesome females, I decided to ignore the better angels of my nature and send her an email, proposing a photo shoot.

Mati was initially charming, saying over email chatter that of all the photographers who approached her to collaborate, she liked…

Serendipitous forces govern my life in obvious, yet unexpected ways. I am deeply committed to serendipity. This means that a decent chunk of my life (say, 1/3) I leave open to stuff I never see coming.

Chance meetings, apparent miracles, crossed paths.

I met my last great love walking through the airport.

I got my last serious job after a short series of texts from an old friend.

So when I booked a model that I discovered on YouTube, part of me played along and simply prepared for what we discussed via email. …

After the rocky first year of our marriage, Ally and I set plans to meet in Manhattan for one final bender before signing the last of our divorce paperwork and returning to our respective corners of North America.

My French-Canadian bride and I first met two years prior, walking through the International terminal at LAX, then both headed to Montréal. The intervening months brought two larger than life personalities together in a relationship that would “end” in marriage.

We managed 13 days of cohabitation before separating.

Moderation, as anyone could see, was not our trump card.

New York City can bring people together from very different corners of the world.

After my plane touched…

Zachary Elliot

I like to stay busy. -> https://shorethang.media

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