Be me.

Start a business.

Find early success.

Run it into year two.

Find yourself tripped up by anonymous YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit accounts who claim to hate you, call you nasty names, but refuse to leave you alone.

Player haters, your time against the wall has come.

Our latest lawsuit, filed today in California Superior Court, takes aim at all you horrible anons, the trash you’ve talked, and the damage you’ve caused.

LEGAL UPDATE: Motion for permission to subpoena to Instagram to obtain defendents identity filed of 18 October 2021 — here, here, here, and here.

The first Shore Thang YouTube channel had 88K subscribers was disabled in September 2020 the weekend after a small claims court appearance. The second Shore Thang YouTube channel was disabled in May 2021, after receiving two false copyright complaints from a disgruntled former business associate.

Since the start of Shore Thang, social media marketing meant posting content in toxic platforms like Reddit.

Reddit users have the lowest per-user value of any social media platform, often hide behind made-up names, and persistently hunt+share stolen content. The platform skews male, by about 60/40.

For almost exactly 20 months, since mid-January 2020, the attacks on Shore Thang social media accounts experienced an uptick. Although we cannot at this time conclusively name the individual behind, our latest anonymous defendents lawsuit aims to do exactly that.

How does a single person and/or their cadre of worms cause so much digital damage? Allow me pick that one apart…

Google and Facebook have way too many users and not enough employees, so they rely on feedback from their community to report content what should and should not be on their platforms.

Problem is, some people live only for revenge.

By maliciously abusing the content reporting system on various social media platforms, a single person and their gang of anons can target perceived enemies and ruin years of hard work and valuable social media accounts by reporting content in bad faith.

Shore Thang has lost two medium-popular YouTube channels in this exact fashion.

This ongoing digital harrassment reminds me of Queen Gertrude in Hamlet who, while watching a play, notices the extreme overreacting of one of the female characters and remarks,

The business of Shore Thang is based on working ethically with popular and beautiful young women. Even if/when we find someone to sign with us, there are no assurances we will make money.

Famous TikToker and all around good Canadian person Lauren Burch

That’s the risk, but I know how to handle risk. I even know how to handle the many colorful personalities who find their way in and out of my business.

Until now, I did not know how to handle an enemy with no name or face.

Through our anonymous defendant lawsuit, Shore Thang intends to pull back the mask that too many internet users (or perhaps just a handful, using various fake names/accounts) have used to torment our lovely little business for almost two years.

The torment brought into my world takes aim at the very thing Shore Thang is known for, ethical conduct with attractive young women.

Friends, family, and business associates who know me well simply turned over screenshots. That’s true loyalty — sticking with someone even if the business they work in appears a little controversial.

After a recent failed mediation session, Shore Thang now looks forward to five substantial lawsuits — one of which will be filed in US Federal Court — to protect a unique business from what we believe is a small handful of problematic individuals.

Long live Shore Thang!

PS: Shore Thang is back on YouTube as of this weekend.

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